Summer News

My newest fic, cracky/fluffy/angsty/something around 20k words is - fingers crossed - about finished. Some beta work, some editing and some titling negotiation - and it's done. Guys, my beta says I wrote porn! *wink* She's exaggerating, of course. I think the proper term is 'off-screen shenanigans'. I might put it in the tags.

And on Friday, I'm leaving for.......... London!

Boarding passes: check. Insurance card: check. Emergency contacts: check. (spent 10 minutes on Google figuring out how to dial UK number from Czech republic. Tested it on my London friend. It worked. I knew Google has the answers for anything.)

Things I still don't have: pounds of sterling - I think there are some around this place somewhere, but there were four (4) coins with the blessed head of Bessie last time I checked and that's enough to buy me a drink aboard RyanAir, I guess, and nothing more. So I'll have to go downtown and fetch some.

I bring gifts! I'm no Greek though, et dona ferentis.

To my last shopping, I got a free pedometer. I'm going to take it with me and count the exact amount of steps I'm gonna take on English soil. It's been so long since last time! Beloved Albion, how did I miss thee!